The best educational wikis of 2011 in Spanish

The best educational wikis of 2011 in Spanish

And if yesterday I showed you a fantastic Learning Environment in Spanish, today we are going for educational Wikis. A few days ago the magazine Educacin 3.0 published the list of winners of the contest carried out between different educational Wikis in Spanish. The idea was to highlight the best projects created to disseminate resources and experiences among teachers and students, having been carried out only in Spanish territory. Here we leave you with the list of winners, so you can better understand the content that education professionals are sharing every day on the web.

Wiki of the San Francisco school, in Pamplona

Created with the aim of bringing families, teachers and students together to discuss the topic of safe Internet browsing.

Wiki of the IES La Plana, in Castelln

To motivate students of an initial professional qualification program.

Wiki of the IES Arrigorriaga, in Vizcaya

For teachers who want to familiarize or refine the teaching system using the digital whiteboard.

Wiki of the IES Federico Mayor Zaragoza, in Seville

To develop different capacities of students.

Wiki Escola Pia Santa Anna, Matar, Barcelona

A virtual exhibition of the works done in art and artistic drawing. Of course, this space is open to all who want to share with thousands of people the wiki that you maintain in your academic institution. No matter how much or how unprofessional the design is, there are cases where the content is thousands of times more important than the continent.