The best extensions and plugins for Microsoft Edge

The best extensions and plugins for Microsoft Edge

The best extensions and plugins for Microsoft Edge

Better (and more useful) extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Until very recently extensions in Microsoft Edge were somewhat non-existent. Now, finally, we can use them without any kind of complication, and that is why more and more are being publishedplugins for this web browser. Although it has a very small market share, Edge also deserves to have plugins (there are many users who use it).

Actually, before I knew that extensions could be added, but only those officially developed by Microsoft. What they have done recently is just opening the extensions store (I was only 25) to any developer who wants to launch.


Microsoft To-do cannot be missing in Microsoft’s default browser. To-do is the natural substitute for Wunderlist. Although the latter continues to exist, it is best to migrate the data to this new organizer. For now it is in the testing phase, but we can install and test it (as long as we speak English, of course).

For those who do not know it, To-do is a very good task organizer that gathers several tools to have controlled our workload from any device in which we are connected. It has its extension for Outlook, even, so we can turn any email into a task instantly.

Office Online

Access the Office Online version directly from the browser; just selecting the web application we want to open is enough. It allows both editing as well as creating documents. Actually the extension does not allow us much more to do (we can do everything we can with the web), but I do know that it is more comfortable to use.

We have to log in to the extension. We must also give permission to access our data (the developer is Microsoft, so there are no problems).

Save to Pocket

Pocket is one of those extensions that allows us to save web pages to read later, both on another web browser and on another computer, as well as even on a mobile device. It is like the Facebook option that allows us to save certain posts for later. Once we start putting things away it is very addictive.

The first time we use it we will have to register using Gmail (to sync data in the cloud). If it is detected that we have a mobile phone we will be asked if we want to install Pocket on it as well. In my case it has detected my S7 Edge.

Keyboard gestures

This extension came with Windows 8, but has evolved to the Edge of W10. It is simply spectacular, because we can do many gestures without releasing the mouse (to avoid using the keyboard in many cases). Of course it is also compatible with touch screens (it is also its main function).


With this translator from Microsoft, not only can you translate websites (in the purest Google Chrome style), but It is also possible to translate portions of text that we have selected manually (if we do click We will be able to access these partial translation functions).

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is a very useful extension when we want to focus only on what we are doing. That is, if we are, for example, watching a YouTube video, thisplugin allows us to put everything that is not the video itself in the background.


LastPass allows us save all passwords and IDs so you don’t have to use them (and remember them). It is what is known, then, by a password manager. In Google Chrome, for example, we have an integrated one from the factory, but not in Microsoft Edge. The good thing about this extension over others of the same type is that it is compatible with other web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.