The best MOOC platform apps for Android and iOS

Education is one of the sectors in which technological innovation is changing the rules of the game more rapidly. The appearance of MOOCs platforms (from the English acronym) Massive Open Online Course) comes to question the rigidity of the current educational system and to offer more accessible, updated and more affordable training options.

MOOCs are flexible education taken to the extreme: you choose what content interests you, how you consume it and, in many cases, how much you pay for it. A type of on-demand education designed to be consumed when and where the user decides and, therefore, fits perfectly with the ubiquitous nature of the mobile.

If you are already prepared to get on this new trend in education, don't miss today's compilation: 5 of the best MOOC platform apps for Android and iOS.


Coursera It opens – virtually – the doors of more than a hundred high-level universities and educational institutions around the world (Princeton, Stanford, Michigan). More than 1,000 courses in more than 20 languages, renowned teachers, educational resources and even official certificates.

The courses are free, but often the course title or certificate comes at an additional cost. The design of the app is very careful so that it is very intuitive to navigate between courses, make content accessible offline, share courses with friends and interact with teachers and students. One of the best options for those who prefer courses backed by official institutions.

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EdX It is the non-profit alternative to what Coursera offers. Quality courses taught by prestigious universities around the world within their educational programs. In fact, many of these courses are validated by curricular credits.

EdX has a catalog of 1200 courses in various languages, offers the possibility of obtaining certificates (in this case for free) and the guarantee of having been created by MIT and Harvard University. EdX is a support app that allows you to follow the courses from anywhere, download video-classes and receive notifications on any topic related to the subject.

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The approach of Udemy it is vastly different. The courses at Udemy are designed and taught by individuals, who can be qualified teachers or simply self-taught, wanting to share their knowledge (and incidentally, earn some money).

Indeed, courses on Udemy are, for the most part, paid. Although there are many free courses and many promotions with which you can enroll in courses for just a few euros, the average price of a course is around $ 75. The course catalog is impressive (over 30,000 at the moment) and grows exponentially. In other words: you can find quality courses on (almost) anything you can think of.

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Lynda It is another MOOC platform that goes in the same line as Udemy: paid courses taught by expert teachers not necessarily linked to educational institutions. An option that competes with the previous ones in terms of thematic variety and quality of the content but that, without a doubt, stands out for the quality of its app.

The app is one of the most complete in terms of functionality: you can easily search, register and follow the courses thanks to its careful design. In addition, you can create playlists with the videos of the courses in which you are already enrolled to see them when you are offline. Everything is always synchronized on all your devices.

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Finally, we have Udacity, a MOOC platform that offers courses exclusively related to information and communication technologies (ICT). In fact, Udacity has designed various programs called nanodegrees (nano-races) that bring together different courses and are aimed at the student acquiring the necessary knowledge to become a developer (frontend, backend, Android / iOS) or data analyst.

The Udacity app is one of the easiest to use as it is more sequential: lesson-examples-exercises. It makes it very easy to find and choose courses, follow them online or offline and see how you evolve in each of your nano races.

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Article written by Emmanuel Lund of Appszoom for WWWhatsnew