ingls en Babbel

The best online English courses – Babbel (III)

We have already told you long and hard about Busuu, we have dissected Duolingo and it is now his turn to Babbel (, a well-known option for learning languages ​​on the Internet that, of course, includes English, although It does not have as much free content as in the other options.

As soon as we enter we will be asked if we are beginners or advanced in the language, leading directly to a test that we can carry out without registration. In this test, and in the case of advanced level, we will have to translate phrases and words, as well as indicate the best option when completing sentences in a dialog.

At the end of the test, we can inform our name to save the results, as well as age and email, allowing us to enter the application to test the English courses that exist.

Unlike with Duolingo, which is completely free, and with busuu, which makes a large amount of content at no cost, Babbel is not free, although it can be tested without paying anything. The prices are those that appear in the image below.

During the course test we can specify if we want to interact with or without a microphone, having access to the audio tests that are offered there.

We can jump to any lesson in the test unit, as you can see in the lower screenshot, as well as in the upper menu, where they show both the user forum As the chat with users who speak other languages.

As you can see, the only free section is the beginner’s course, with the option of interacting with other members to improve our level and pronunciation.

If we compare the interest aroused by the three solutions in Google, we see that, from 2010 to now, Duolingo seems to be the one that is growing the most when it comes to searches.

Although Babbel continues to gain popularity in the Netherlands and Germany, as can be seen by filtering within