The Blu-ray Disc Association will begin to license its Ultra HD Blu-ray format this month

At this point, there will already be users who have chosen to acquire televisions compatible with the UHD resolution (3,840 2,160 pixels), although at present, they will only be able to take full advantage of them through the contents offered in UHD by the Video content broadcasting platforms are streaming such as Amazon Instant Vdeo or Netflix, among others. Of course, in order to enjoy this type of content, you must have a good Internet connection.

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has announced today, three months after finalizing the specifications of the new physical format for 4K content, that from the next day 24 will begin to license its Ultra HD Blu-ray format, indicating that:

… Enable consistent and reliable delivery of UHD content to the rapidly growing number of Ultra HD homes, which is expected to grow from 11.7 million Ultra HD TVs in 2014 to 95,600,000 in 2019.

The BDA adds that the Ultra HD Blu-ray format will also allow it to offer content in a high dynamic range, an important feature that users of Amazon Prime Instant Video will also enjoy from this same year through a series of titles.

Do not forget that through this format you can also enjoy high-frequency content up to 60 FPS. Also important is the fact that the new format adapts to the trend of multi-devices, so that through the so-called digital bridge, users will optionally be able to enjoy the content acquired through other devices.

To all the aforementioned, it should be noted that the new format will be compatible with the content available for the previous Blu-ray format, so that users will not have to remove their collection of content available under it, although they should buy some of the players that are coming to the market, and also of televisions in the event that they do not have any compatible with the UHD resolution, although as we can see in the shopping centers, the prices of these televisions are gradually decreasing, which will allow the expansion of this resolution in a greater number of homes in the world.