The Deadline - another way to manage to-do lists

The Deadline – another way to manage to-do lists

There is no doubt that Twitter has marked a before and after, not only in the way we interact, but also in the way we publish things, which has served as an influence on the part of The Deadline, a new task list service, which uses the @ to link people to the tasks and the # to establish the labels within each list.

That said, any of us can register for free and start publishing tasks through a simple text field, where we have up to 2000 characters to publish the content of each task, in which we will link people to it through different hierarchies and We will establish the corresponding labels, which may allow us, at a given moment, to serve as filters. We can also create user groups, which allow us to link a group of people as a whole instead of citing them individually.

When we filter tasks by specific labels, we can save this filter through a new side tab, which also gives us an option to filter by times and states. One more detail, this tool can be integrated into Google Apps through its Google MarketPlace.

It is therefore a different way of managing tasks, especially for those of us who are already used to using microblogging tools like Twitter.

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