The differences between Android and iPhone users, according to Yelp

Are Android users different from iPhone users? Do they have different tastes in other categories? Do they buy the same things? Do they frequent the same places?… Years ago it was easy to see infographics in which a Blackberry user with a belly was drawn , tie and suit, one from iPhone as a young executive and one from android as a user less tied to the capitalist world, an image that has been disappearing as both the prices and the characteristics of the devices (mainly between iPhone and android ) have become more alike.

Does it make sense to keep saying that a user of a Samsung Galaxy S6 has less economic power than one of an iPhone 6? No, of course not, but on Yelp they wanted to analyze the searches made from both devices and this is what they have obtained (the full report is on this website):

– Android searches more on Yelp for the word offer (ranked 24 in Android vs. 221 in iPhone). – Android Yelpers are more interested in nightlife (ranked 11 in Android vs. 52 on iPhone), they especially like nightclubs (ranked 96 on Android vs. 156 on iPhone) .– iPhone Yelpers frequent Starbucks more (ranked 15 on iPhone vs. 30 on Android) .– A iPhone users like wine much more (position 170) than Android users (position 514) – iPhone users frequent organic food supermarkets Whole Foods (position 159) more than Android users (position 660)

They are curious numbers, although they still show a relatively small sample of the human population, making it difficult to draw conclusions. It would be much easier if Google did a similar study with the searches made in its search engine.