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The Disney robot to double in movies

The video that you can see above shows how Disney is evolving in the creation of robots that can be used in its films for the dubbing of the actors.

Posted by TC, shows the movements of Stuntbot, an animatronic character capable of deceiving the cleverest eye.

Animatronic figures generally cannot move from where they sit or stand, and are pre-built to show specifications, but Stuntbot shows that things are changing. It is the result of the Stuntronics project, built from a research experiment called Stickman, autonomous air actors who can do several different flight tricks, automatically correcting movements to give it more realism.

This type of robots can be used in characters from Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel … whenever a more aggressive maneuver has to be carried out, a Stuntbot can go into action, avoiding accidents with humans.

The robot has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope, and is capable of adapting the size and shape of an artist who looks like something out of Cirque du Soleil. It can be hung on the end of a cable to fly through the air, controlling its pose, rotation and center of mass so that it does not just land and move naturally during flight.

The first Stuntbots will debut with Star Wars: Galaxys Edge at the Disney Parks of Anaheim and California next year.