The evolution of the Blog concept

The evolution of the Blog concept

Let’s do a bit of history, let’s remember those beginnings of the content Web, how much the Internet only available to a few- came into our lives to consolidate itself as a virtual encyclopedia. Blogs today are part of our digital culture, they connect people, they do business, they are essential for the efficiency of marketing and in the way of their development and evolution, they have left behind the simple idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhaving a Web page to receive contacts from potential clients. .

With the evolution of the Web and its indivisible penetration with the business world, the blog went from being an aesthetic element to an essential part of marketing strategies, loyalty and building an efficient community around needs and interests, The importance of a blog in the business world today is total.

Blog history

Originally called Weblog, it came from Australia by the hand of a group of students who used the term in a research paper published in a newspaper in 1995.

The same concept was used again in 1997 by Jorn Barger, writer and Internet scholar who, for the first time granted the meaning of blog to the fact of writing on the network.

The concept of the blog is consolidated in 1999 and establishes the beginnings of what is now known as Web 2.0 and that although it focuses on the moment when social networks experienced their emergence, they have their origin in a tool that allows users to Brands establish a direct communication channel with their customers, optimizing the CRM concept and achieving efficiency through the reduction of intermediaries.

The blog achieved a leading role in the business worldThanks to them, it was possible to distribute quality content that attracted not only potential clients, but also relevant advertisers and established the beginnings of the links as an active part of the network’s informational framework.

Although the evolution from those beginnings of the social Web to the present day has occurred in a dizzying way, even today there are concepts that are not entirely clear and that can be a great obstacle to the development of new successful businesses.

We are talking about the difference between the blog and the corporate portal. While the corporate portal is the brand’s presentation letter, the blog is consolidated as the platform through whose content loyalty is produced.

The very inertia of the network has placed blogs as the philosophical stones of online marketing, since content updates allow not only the promotion of the product or good offered, but also the possibility of improving the expectations of our target audience thanks to to the comments and opinions expressed by users.

Today blogs are an indispensable part of virtual businesses and bearing in mind that the virtual concept is no longer an exclusive aspect of science fiction cinema, today blogs are the best way to generate income through the Internet.

However, the generation of income is not the only strength that the evolution of the blog has given to these initial and exclusively informative blogs, today blogs are consolidated as indispensable elements in advertising campaigns, it is where loyalty and Users trust the brand and are essential to start a branding campaign and consolidation of the reputation in social media.

It is through the quality content reflected in the blog that brands establish the added value to their business and that the alliances and synergies necessary to contribute to the constant and sustained growth of the network as a highly efficient productive network are achieved.

The underlying business in thematic blogs is traffic. The bulkier it is, the more attractive it will be to end-use companies and potential customers.

The arrival of social networks was a breakthrough for blogs of great magnitude Since, it is through the content that the brands publish for their users that the marketing and advertising campaigns of the brands are carried out. The contents are therefore consolidated as the philosopher’s stone of the new advertising.

Contents that serve as the basis for virtual stores and that achieve through sales and captivating texts the necessary return to achieve the planned objectives.

The evolution of the blog and its consolidation as an essential element in the framework of new businesses, is sustained thanks to the reduced investment required vs. The enormous advantages in the short term for brands, which provides an optimal ROI, this being an essential variable for measuring the evolution of a business.

Blogs went from being informative and eminently static blogs, without user intervention, to an efficient way to promote a business, identify added value and establish the needs and interests that users hope to satisfy in their experience with the brand.

Marketing, advertising, dynamism, the blog the great responsible for the growth of the network

With the evolution of the blog, the positioning as the central axis for attracting traffic, led the blog to consolidate itself as the indispensable platform for the launch of an online marketing strategy.

Thanks to the different techniques used by SEO, the portals with the best positioning, that is, the most competitive brands, discovered how the dynamism of the blog and the quality of the content were consolidated as essential elements for strategies in social media.

Finally, there is an intrinsic relationship between the reputation and the consolidation of the brand and the quality of the contents of the blog associated with the company, so the main characteristic that defines the evolution of the blog is interaction, the inclusion of society in In the virtual world, blogs were a true revolution and without a doubt, the turning point of the dynamism through which the unlimited growth of the network is sustained.