DirecTV compra

The FCC approves, with conditions, the purchase of DirecTV by AT&T

And little more than a year had to pass before the FCC, the United States Federal Communications Commission, approved it: AT&T may proceed with the purchase of DirecTV in exchange for 48,500 million dollars in securities and cash -67,100 if the debt settled with the transaction is considered-; The agreement turns the resulting company into a giant provider, both in the United States and in the rest of America, of television, Internet and other telecommunications services.

The FCC considered what was exposed by both companies, as well as what was communicated by other positively and negatively affected entities, to give free purchase. That yes, the conditions have not been made wait since AT & T-DIRECTV is required to bring fiber optic services to at least 12 and a half million North American consumers including selected schools and libraries. A commitment is also established to increase broadband coverage, with lower rates, to low-income households.

Regarding net neutrality, the implementation of practices that may affect the free distribution of content by services such as Netflix and Hulu, the latest competition from traditional TV services, is strictly prohibited. The fear of some sectors centered on the fact that, in order to stop the development of services like the previous ones, their traffic would be controlled as the latter passes through AT & T's Internet network infrastructure.

In short, the largest provider of satellite TV in the United States, DirecTV, joins one of the largest telephone and Internet companies, AT&T. Incidentally, at least 20 million users in the USA and another 20 in Latin America are covered by the agreement. As Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner pointed out, the premise is clear: get more money from the same customers with new entertainment packages; the amount goes to the background as there are not as many new users to reach as it happens in a few others.

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