The first game within Instagram

We have already seen projects that use Instagram as an interactive cmic and now we have the first game on that platform.

This is the profile rickandmortyrickstaverse, responsibility of Rick and Morty, an American television series of animation for adults that offers a game in which we have to find elements within the different published images.

You have to navigate between 11 different planets existing in the series, as commented on mashable, planets with images that are distributed among 15 different Instagram accounts linked to each other. We just have to navigate between the posts and click on the links to continue discovering new drawings with new components, as shown in the presentation video. The links in question are tagged users within the images, so we only have to click on each drawing to find the hidden profiles.

Check out the video:

The project was created by the Carrot agency using original drawings (created by those responsible for the series). The idea is to disseminate the new season in an intelligent way, using a social network that has more possibilities than we can imagine.