The free and free PDF editor you didn't know

The free and free PDF editor you didn't know

The free and free PDF editor you didn't know

Editing a PDF is very simple if we have the tools, which are normally paid for, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF, one of the best-known options. There is also the possibility of converting it to DOC and editing it with any text editor (option in which the document will most likely be misadjusted), in addition to opening it directly with Microsoft Word (option in which we will also have to pay for a license) .

However, an even more unknown option remains: use LibreOffice to edit PDF files. The free (and free, which is the most interesting part) text document editor not only edits text documents, but it is a very powerful tool that also dares with PDFs, unlike many people could think.

LibreOffice is a complete office suite. It is one of the greatest alternatives to Microsoft Word, the best-known and most powerful multiplatform office suite, but which is paid.

LibreOffice, the free and free program to edit PDF

And by editing PDF we mean to edit one already created, to create a new one, or to save any document in this format thata priori it is read only. And not only do we have an application within this package, but we have two that do: LibreOffice Writer (the document editor, like Word) and Draw (the vector graphics editor).

edit pdf with libreoffice draw pdf

By default, the application that the office suite will use will be LibreOffice Draw; that is, if we choose to open the document with LibreOffice, LibreOffice Draw will. We can also, however, open the PDF with the application open, from the menuFile> Open, just as we can also create a new one or save a document that we already have open in PDF, for which we will have to use the optionFile> Export as PDF.

edit pdf with libreoffice draw

If it is a small document, one or two pages long, it will open instantly; instead, if it is somewhat heavier, LibreOffice will likely take a few seconds to process. It should also be added that If the PDF layout is complex, it probably won’t look quite right, but at least load it and we can edit it (and put everything in its place, if necessary). This is normal, even in Microsoft Word it also happens (an example of this is the image above).