The growth of the Internet in the world from 2000 to today

The growth of the Internet in the world from 2000 to today

In Pingdom they have analyzed the data from Internet World Stats to offer tables and graphs showing the growth of the Internet in the last 10 years, with numbers showing the countries that have grown the most in accesses during this time.

They start with a comparison of the number of users connected, something simple, to impress at first glance:

Users who were distributed in the year 2000 in a very geographically localized way. In the following graph we can see the distribution of connected users in the 50 main countries of the world:

And it is that in the year 2000 the 10 main countries represented 73% of users, a number that today has dropped to 60%.

In the following graph we see the impressive growth in Asia and Latin America:

Asia, with 710 million users, has grown by 622%, Latin America by 1033%, Africa by 2357%, Europe by 353% (in pingdom you can see the numbers for all regions)… impressive numbers, no doubt.

Let’s compare, for example, the number of users connected in 2000 and 2010 in the following countries:

– China, with 420 million connected users, had 22.5 million in 2000. – The United States, with 239.2 million, had 95 10 years ago. – India, with 81 million, had only 5, like Brazil, which Today it has 76 million Internet users. – Nigeria had 0.2 million connected in 2000, today it reaches 44 million (a growth of 21.891%)

Extremely interesting data that we will have to analyze again in another 10 years, to see if the forecasts that I published a few weeks ago come true.