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The history of Windows: From 1985 to 2015 [Infografí­a]

Next Wednesday, July 29, Windows 10 will finally arrive to the whole world and the expectation is enormous due to the number of ingredients considered for the first time simultaneously: cross-platform compatibility, classic features, free based on its new aspect of service instead of a simple system operating-, last generation technologies, programs, etc.

Anyway, continuing with the enormous promotion that Windows 10 has enjoyed and evaluating all its novelty,It is practical to take a look at the historical evolution of each version of the operating system., from which I started everything in 1985 with a basic interface on applications in MS DOS until the one that in the next few weeks will occupy all the media with its launch.

To do this, MicrosoftTraining.net has designed an interesting infographic that highlights the most relevant details of each of these versions, their changes, release dates and, especially, their differentiating characteristics.

In this way it is easy to find out that the first graphic interfaces for Word and Excel arrived with Windows 2 in 1987, that Windows ME was the first to bring restoration tools or that Windows XP appeared from 2001 being so robust and striking that even today Almost 14 years later, there are not a few who risk the safety of their activities just for not wanting to part with it.

Below we share the infographic; Those who wish to enjoy it in its full size can review the original publication at this link.