The importance of having a blog associated with a Start-Up

The importance of having a blog associated with a Start-Up

We begin with a reflection that, due to its obviousness, should not be relegated to oblivion in any of the constant learning and specialization processes that all of us who, in one way or another, have established our main activity on the Internet are forced to go through. We live in a point of equilibrium or imbalance, according to the current, very pronounced and certainly historical where, the higher the level of disintegration of the systems that make up the real world, the greater the opening of new options and growth occur in the world of online business, in the constant expansion and growth of social media as part of our lives, positive figures for the creation of new profiles, flattering data in terms of e-commerce, increased investment in advertising and marketing and booming trends such as collective shopping and geolocation trends Inverse those that are lived in both worlds that lead us to reflect on efficiency and quality again. Let’s think about brands, let’s think about SMEs and microentrepreneurs, let’s think about innovators and there we can leave reflection to take action.

– How many new viable projects are diluted in the vortex of the crisis and the reduction of the budgets allocated to this item? … – How will brands, brands with few kilometers, many ideas and no resources, achieve that their creativity is glimpsed achieving with it a chance to put it into practice?

Although it is true that at the present time and, mainly due to the rise of technologies, many brands are attracted by the expansion that the presence on the Internet can cause, the term Start-Up is associated more than with Classic companies, which are known as MSMEs because of their intrinsic association with the new economy and the 2.0 context intrinsically related to entrepreneurship and the network, a context in which their birth and innovation have taken place.In general terms they are born from a creative idea, linking this idea with the added value and efficient in terms of competition and the necessary innovation to put it into practice, is what is known as a viable business.Start-ups are designed to attract the attention of investors since It is precisely what is needed for a good idea to become a business, but it is also necessary in terms of risk, since Start-ups consider a much lower risk due to the investment, reduced and controlled, for their start-up. Generally, investors specialized in this type of business bet on several Start-ups because the investment is small and thus the possibilities of making one of them succeed quickly and help the sustenance of the others while they mature are expanded.

Advantages of Start-up

Thus, we can establish that the main advantages of a Start-up are centered on: – Rapid growth possibilities – Reduced initial investment – Access to less crowded market niches – Optimal ROI – Good future projections

On the importance of having a blog associated with a Start-up

We start from the fundamental premise that establishes an indivisible relationship between SEO, content and corporate portals. The latter are not only the links of union with the target public of the brand, but they exercise functions associated with public relations through which they specifically aim to obtain new alliances and synergies. For Start-ups the reasoning is is the same, quality content is what attracts users mainly and mostly And, without a doubt, it is the only thing that can maintain a good positioning and the loyalty of its clients. As strange as it may seem, the frequency with which quality content was displayed in search results has led to a scenario in which quality content is not what is mostly found on the web. This has been the reason that has led the search engine to launch its new algorithm through which portals that do not provide content committed to quality are penalized, writing thoughts is therefore still the main slogan. This reflection with a Start-up that has an associated blog in which it offers quality content that can undoubtedly be a new business for interested investors, so A corporate blog associated with a Start-up is an optimal way to reach a specific segment that would otherwise be impossible, without large financial investments and with the philosopher’s stone of entrepreneurship as a way of life.The quality content reflected in the blog will serve a Start-up to improve its positioning and therefore its branding, consolidate your reputation and even start an online marketing strategy in social media, the more segmented the content is based on the interests of both the target audience you seek to attract and the investors that are needed to achieve it, the greater will be the possibilities of achieving success and consolidating a new online business.