The importance of the subject in email marketing

Here we have a new guide prepared by Acrelia News to help us create good messages in our campaigns.

This time the protagonist is the subject of the message, the cover letter that our subscribers will see and that will be key to its opening.

In the guide, available in PDF for free, they discuss tips and tricks of various kinds to increase the reading of the emails we send. They recommend betting on honesty, so as not to generate false expectations with the subject of the message and creativity (you have to be original, and brief, in that matter), always avoiding the words that everyone hates in the messages: free, gift, buy now and others.

In the same guide they talk about the use of symbols, hashtags and preheads, resources that we can use intelligently to increase interaction and the possibilities of attracting the desired attention.

We recently commented that, for the first time in 12 years, normal emails overtook spam within the network, a good news that indicates two important points:

– Spam is less and less effective, so those who engage in this practice are beginning to give up. – Those who send emails with Email Marketing campaigns are understanding the basic rules not to be ignored.

Sending an email to thousands of people is not easy, and guides to help us do it correctly.