The International Astronomical Union already allows us to name other planets

Other planets are discovered quite often in other Solar Systems, and the International Astronomical Union wants us to participate in baptizing them.

Today they open the web so that it is possible to name the 15 stars and the 32 planets that are waiting for their new identity.

It is a contest in which anyone on the planet can participate online, although it is important to note that astronomy clubs and specialized non-profit organizations have already made their proposals, making the collection of names available for each body celeste is already closed and defined, we can only vote for any of the options on the page.

The voting period will last until October 31, and during all this time we will be able to see the number of votes received in each proposal, as well as more information about the body we are baptizing.

You can get more information about the contest at, where they explain how the almost 250 name options registered on the portal have been obtained.

It is a pity that they do not leave the doors open so that the imagination of the Internet user is part of the available list, but surely it would be difficult to manage the amount of data they will receive.