The mobile, the best place to receive e-mails

Little by little, desktop computers, laptops, and even some of the very innovative netbooks are beginning to be displaced by a new generation of devices, which with smaller screen size and highly portable physical dimensions are beginning to be preferred by users everywhere. the world; the network is no longer on your table the network is where you are; permanent connection and multiple applications and social networks define the citizens of this turbulent 21st century But despite its advanced technology and, especially its platforms, connectivity models and last generation business, there are some applications that migrate, but that its concept and technological base evolves; One of them is the classic electronic mail, a platform from the Pleistocene of the Internet, which in its process of mutation leaves the desktop to become a total mobile communication and preferred by users.In May 2009, only 4% of electronic mails was open on mobile devices, a figure that has increased up to 20% in the same month, but from 2011, while emails opened in desktop environments have fallen by a significant 11% .And in market share, by devices such as almost Always, the undisputed winner is iPhone, with 71.98% of the emails received or sent from a mobile terminal to its credit, followed by its sister iPad with an important 14.95% and of the others, there is only Android as a massive exponent, with 8.24%. The current challenge for email on mobile is to improve the look and feel and also the soul of the machine, new software that supports solid, secure and agile email platforms; without forgetting its development towards a complete integration of human communication online.Va: TheNextWeb