The most premium Xiaomi headphones, with a very high sound quality

The most premium Xiaomi headphones, with a very high sound quality

Auriculares de Xiaomi.

We are used to Xiaomi flooding us with low-cost products. It is one of your identity characters; offer great products at a laughable price. But what if we want the best of the best regardless of its price? Because once cost cuts are made there are sacrifices in the product. That’s overin the new Xiaomi headphones for headphones.

The firm has announced the new HiFi Hybrid Flagship, a high-end headphones that are designed for the most purists of sound. So much so that they have, for example, 4 drivers; 2 dynamic and 2 balanced armor. This is obviously reflected in the price.

Because before you go out thinking about cheap high-end headphones, we have to tell you that this product does not follow that line of Xiaomi. The cost of these helmetsit’s about 169 dollars,far from some sound alternatives that we have seen in the Chinese firm previously.

Xiaomi’s new headphones have high audio quality (and a high price)

As we have already said, the HiFi Hybrid Flagship have 4 drivers, 2 dynamic and 2 balanced armor. For richer audio detail, the balanced armature drivers are placed behind the dynamic drivers. Sound is the strongest point of these headphones.

For the bass Xiaomi has useda layer of silicon,leaving for the sharpest tones a titanium compound within the diaphragm of the device. Thanks to this configuration the headphones should produce better midrange and bass frequencies.

Hybrid Flagships have gold plated MMCX connectors with thicker coatings that should improve connection, last longer, and withstand four times the insertion of standard MMCX connectors. In addition, the sound chamber of these headphones is made of Zirconia, a material with spectacular durability.

The Hybrid Flagship’s design allows them to be used both wirelessly and wired. In wireless mode, the headphones use a Bluetooth DAC that supports Hi-Res SBC, AAC, and LDAC. Using the cables, we can use 3.5mm jack connections or an included USB Type-C cable that has a DAC included. According to Xiaomi, the cables are made of silver plated copper without oxygen.

HiFi Hybrid Flagship pricing and availability

These headphones have been announced on the Chinese page of Xiaomi, with a conversion to dollarsof 169.They are not cheap headphones and there is no data on whether they will reach the international market. In that case, the price could be even more expensive.

Although they can be reserved, they will not be released until November 11, at which time we can access them. However, we can order them from the page, specialized in high-quality audio products.

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