The Netflix app to rent DVDs from your mobile comes to Android

Earlier this year, Netflix released the Netflix DVD app for iOS devices. For a few days, the application has also been available for Android devices.

In any case, Netflix DVD is a mobile application belonging to the Netflix subscription service available in the United States in which users will go receiving physical DVD and Blu-ray discs from series, movies, and TV shows, with recently launched titles, among others, according to your preferences.

The idea is very simple, users will use the application to browse the entire content catalog and on the content they want, will generate a send queue. In this way, once you finish viewing the content available on a disc, you must return it to Netflix so that Netflix will send you the next disc that you have put in your submission queue.Both shipping and returns are free, where they only have to pay for the service, which costs from $ 4.99 a month, although the first month is free. Also, There will be no late fees or due dates.

Note that although Netflix sounds popular to us as a video streaming service, the truth is that it still maintains its other service of DVD rental by mail that has provided such good results in the past, a service that this year is reinforced with the launch of its mobile application for users to manage their viewing queues from wherever they are available.