The new boom in sponsored Tweets, does it work?

The new boom in sponsored Tweets, does it work?

Business and Internet, an explosive combination that combines in the two concepts the most utopian nature that evokes success, profit and achievement of objectives. Social networks advance, capture the interest of users who even wonder how it could happen? … many companies today, already present in social networks continue to affirm that the penetration, the way in which they entered their existence was so fast they didn’t notice. The incidence of social networks in absolutely all habits, uses and customs is of such magnitude that the great challenge and objective of companies at the present time is focused on achieving an efficient advertising model in the environment of Social Media. Platforms such as Facebook or Tuenti have already taken great steps in this direction, however, in an interview conducted by the newspaper, he became the guru of social networks in Silicon Valley, Charlene Li confirmed that Twitter should be optimized if it did not want to be relegated to the background relative to Facebook and, although Twitter had resisted the inclusion of advertising schemes through sponsored Tweets well, this is already a reality on the rise through which advertisers contract Tweets directed at their users, where they will be displayed the goods and / or services that they wish to promote on the network.

Where to buy

Sponsored Tweets will be acquired in a space called social networks and through the choice of the option to buy ads, we can see which users have a Twitter account that could be interested in introducing sponsored Tweets, obviously always requesting prior authorization and accepting the costs that brands propose.All the sponsored Tweets we want will be added through a shopping cart. We establish the date and time of publication, create the text and that’s it. In the same way as the usual advertisements, prices, location and channels, they can be filtered and defined. It is already a reality through portals such as twync or Buxim but. Does it really work? With this functionality, brands still reluctant to use the microblogging platform as an online marketing tool, will be able to evaluate the great win-win business that this implies.Our twitter account can be used to earn money, If we take into account that this social network is the second most relevant after Facebook, like all sponsored advertising models, the greater the number of followers, the greater the size of the social network, the more possibilities there are of making money. We know that this sounds wonderful And so it is as long as all the actions that, to achieve followers, must be carried out, remembering only the maximum of the necessary balance between the corporate portal triangle – social networks – search engine positioning are taken into account, since otherwise it is impossible to achieve a good community on Twitter.

The network shows us platforms

that bring together advertisers, those who will pay to publish a tweet on our profile, the more followers our account has, the better they will pay, in the same way the language and themes are additional filters to establish rates. In general terms,The efficiency of sponsored links is directly related to the commitment to the quality of the participants , the main challenge that sponsored links face is not to cross the fine line that separates the growth of the social fabric and therefore the monetization of the tools used for business and the, never well weighted spam. Finally, the sponsored links of twitter it is but a model that, Only the quality associated with the growth of the social fabric, only through the consolidation of efficient communities with sustained growth, is it possible to achieve the generation and circulation of income necessary to maintain the original nature of social media;

Achieve the consolidation of a model in which the distribution of resources is directly linked to the generation of them and the increase in quality. sponsored tweet