The new look of the YouTube mobile app

A new tab-based design has come to the YouTube app for Android and to, the mobile web version of the video portal. In iOS, this new aspect will soon appear, which will appear to improve the usual navigation in order to facilitate finding and creating interesting videos.

It is enough to update the application from the Play Store to achieve the renewal that in its startup guide emphasizes the focus on better navigation. To do this, the interface receives at least 3 new organizational tabs:

  1. The Home tab with quick recommendations, promoted videos, and popular content listings based on user location.
  2. The main tab or of Subscriptions which will collect the latest videos shared on the channels followed by the user. A ribbon with circular images on the top will allow access to each channel quickly, in addition, within each of them a new bell icon will be displayed that with one touch enable notifications to find out as soon as the channel in question publishes new videos.
  3. The tab of Personal account They have to present the playlists, the uploaded videos, the history and, at the end, the videos marked for See later, all accompanied by a big floating button to upload new videos.

On the other hand, as we noted earlier, the power is also available put the videos that have been recorded vertically in full screen; With this, it will avoid wasting space in the reproduction of videos originated by means of this recording mode so uncomfortable for those who view them.

Trim videos when uploading, add filters to recording, add music and immediately sharing the results are included, for their part, in the new bundle of tools also launched in this update to enrich the experience of those who create content.

More information: Official YouTube Blog