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The Olympic Charter in Google Doodle to protest Russia’s anti-gay law

The Winter Olympics begin in Russia, with 50,000 million dollars in investments and a clear international tension due to the anti-gay laws that prevail in that country.

The comments made by different political figures and the laws that were approved in 2013, according to which homosexual propaganda among minors is prohibited, thus violating freedom of expression, have not gone unnoticed by Google, which has decided to dedicate its Doodle to the matter. .

As we can see today, a rainbow, a symbol of the gay community, with athletes in each of the stripes, a design that is accompanied by a translation of the Olympic Charter:

Sports practice is a human right. Every person should have the possibility of practicing sport without discrimination of any kind and within the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding, solidarity and the spirit of friendship.

Vladmir Putin, president of the country, ensures that all athletes and fans will be welcome at the Sochi 2014 event regardless of their sexual orientation, although international movements, such as the open letter signed by more than 200 writers denouncing anti-gay legislation, seem make it clear that a simple comment is not enough.