The public preview phase of Microsoft's Azure Data Catalog will begin next week

Starting next Monday, Microsoft's Azure Data Catalog service will become available as a public preview, the company announced through Machine Learning Blog. The idea of ​​this service is to close the gap between those who search for information between the company's own data repositories, those who must spend more time than necessary, and those who produce it. As noted by Joseph Sirosh, Microsoft's corporate vice president, on the aforementioned blog, Azure Data Catalog is a fully managed service that stores, describes, indexes and provides information on how to access any registered data source.

Basically, those users who are going to register the sources will use the service's data source registration tool. The service, for its part, will extract the structural metadata from the sources provided and take it to the cloud-based catalog, keeping the original sources wherever they are, either on-premises or in the cloud. Once this is done, other users from the same company can search using different techniques to access the information they need.

Consistent with the announcement, Azure Data Catalog encourages the community of data producers, data consumers, and data experts to share their business insights while allowing information technologies to maintain control and oversight of all sources of data. data available in their constantly evolving systems.

To better understand the service, Microsoft has published a new video explaining its operation in detail: