The secret documents of Wikileaks

The secret documents of Wikileaks

On the day that Wikileaks intends to publish on its website more than 250,000 secret documents on diplomatic relations between the United States and different countries, they have received a DDoS attack that has made the site unavailable.

Update 11/30/2010: You can read the opinions and comment on the documents in the list of social networks that I indicated a few days ago.

While its founder is wanted by the government for an alleged violation, contributors to the site have sent the files to various newspapers around the world, being among them.

To comment on the content of these thousands of documents that could be the beginning of a series of international diplomatic problems, they have created a specific section for them:, you can comment on the files in various places on the social web: twitter, facebook, eskub … here you have a complete list.

Apparently most of them talk about US foreign policy, with many unfiltered comments about other heads of government.

It is a collection of more than 250,000 messages from the United States Department of State, obtained by the Wikileaks digital page, in which unknown episodes that occurred in the most conflictive points of the world are discovered, as well as many other events and large data. relevance that completely bare American foreign policy, expose its mechanisms and sources, expose its weaknesses and obsessions, and together facilitate the understanding by citizens of the circumstances in which the dark side develops. of international relations.

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You can follow the texts on the subject on Twitter by searching for the tag #cablegate.