Kit de Unlimited

The simplest kit has arrived to turn the usual bicycles into electric

The Spanish company Unlimited, based in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčwants you to take advantage of your old bicycle to turn it into an electric bicycle without investing large amounts of money.

To do this, it has turned to the Indiegogo platform with the aim of raising financing for the second generation of its electric bicycle conversion kit, with which it hopes that people can convert their usual bicycles into electric bicycles in a matter of seconds and a few seconds. the simplest way possible.

In fact, the campaign it has open on Indiegogo is nearing completion, having already exceeded the funding goal, set at around 100,000 euros. Your kit allows conversion of any conventional bicycle, whatever it is, as long as it meets a few conditions, by electric bicycle, although that is, making distinctions between users in the United States and those in Europe for legislative reasons.

In this sense, for the United States, its kit allows reaching up to 35 kilometers per hour with a 750 battery, while in Europe, its kit allows reaching 25 kilometers per hour with its 250 watt battery, and there are also three Different variants to choose from among the rewards still available: SL, XR and XR +, each with its corresponding peculiarities.

Each kit basically consists of a motor for the front wheel, a battery and a wireless pedal sensor, with which people can save trouble and hassle with wiring, in addition to saving time in assembly.

Besides, also allows to incorporate optional elements, such as an LCD screen, a rear engine, or a throttle, among other possibilities. The company will contact the sponsors after the campaign is over to try to adapt the wheel motor that will be sent to them with the kit according to the wheel size of their bicycles.

As always, those interested can consult all the details on the campaign website, although if they are interested, they can go running, since there is less time and active rewards, many of them are already about to run out.

Image Credit: Unlimited