The Sims Social - The Sims version for Facebook

The Sims Social – The Sims version for Facebook

One of the many games that many Facebook users wanted to have on the social network was the well-known The Sims, although until a few hours ago there had been no news related to a possible launch of said game for the most famous social network in the world . However, Electronic Arts (EA) made public the news of the next launch of The Sims Social. The Sims Social is the adaptation of The Sims for Facebook, a version that was developed by the same team that designed the original, something that many find a bit strange because about 2 years ago EA had acquired PlayFish in order to earn a place in social games. Surely the most exciting and interesting thing about The Sims Social is that players will be able to create their own characters just as they did in the offline version, but all with the advantage that now it will be possible to interact with those of our friends, which will give many more opportunities to play, as well as offer more fun. As of yet, there has been no talk of a possible release date, so we do want to play The Sims on Facebook, we will still have to wait for more news. Link: The Sims Social on Facebook | Goes: VentureBeat