The smart bracelet created by the Vatican capable of measuring the times we pray

The smart bracelet created by the Vatican capable of measuring the times we pray

The Vatican always aims to promote good spiritual health for people, but now it wants to link this with physical health by announcing a device that serves the function of an electronic rosary.

The new project promoted by the Vatican is named eRosary and is a Smartband created in conjunction with Acer. This is all you can do.

Characteristics of the eRosary, a bracelet to measure physical and spiritual activity

This Smartband It has been created to serve as a holy rosary for different prayers that take place every day. Let us remember that commonly, Catholic people wear a necklace or bracelet with which they lean to pray. However, the Vatican has presented a more modern design that has the following functions:

– It has an aluminum cross where the electronic components are located. The bracelet is activated by crossing yourself. – One of its main points is that it can count all the prayers that are performed in a day. – As for the physical aspect and exercise, the bracelet also allows us to carry the steps we take, the distance traveled and even burned calories. – Data can be verified from the ClicktoPray application, available for iOS and Android users. Likewise, in this tool you can find all kinds of religious content, mainly focused on millennials. – It also has IP67 protection against water and dust. – Its use as a bracelet is possible because it has a string of hematite spheres and cat.

How to buy the Vatican smart bracelet

From the official website of the Smartband you can manage the purchase of the bracelet at a cost of 99 euros. As you can see, it is a device that can leave applications behind to pray, so we will surely see more than 1 with this bracelet on their day to day.