The social web for pregnant women

Social networks aimed at people who share a certain interest, hobbies, work or situation, are growing in number every day that passes and the premams know it and are being heard in all corners of the Internet:

– Redbebe: social network of pregnant women, mothers and friends; This is how they advertise it and this is how it works: you sign up and start to socialize, without much difficulty or delay. To highlight its corner for videos and photos.

– Canal Embarazo (https://www.canalembarazo.com;;): it is divided into 3 main blocks: the forum, the blog and the videos. Highlights the number of interesting articles on pregnancy and the fetus and the videos dedicated to new techniques for giving birth, doing sports during pregnancy, come on, any news for this circle of women.

– Twittermoms: as its name suggests, it is a page dedicated to uniting mothers in a single twitter, where they can leave all kinds of comments about their children, for the rest of mothers, advice, warnings, anecdotes; They say it is a community for influential mothers.

– Cafemom: a place where mothers meet and chat about everything a little; as it is intended to imply by the name, caf mama, is a relaxed place where the community only aims to support one another, make new relationships between mothers, future moms, share stories and little else. You have a section for photos, answers to questions, groups, education, home …

– Savor success: American social network for women entrepreneurs (The business Network for woman entrepeneurs); It has a section on national and local events, obviously in America, but those that you can enjoy by video conference, yes, you have to be a premium member and that is not free.

– Baby Center: Spanish portal where they have created a community for pregnant women dividing the stages in the pregnancy itself, the baby and children from 1 to 3 years old. Articles, questions and answers, forum, very interesting its search engine for baby names.

– Shes Connected: the place for busy women. The way you create your account is very remarkable: they make you create two profiles starting from the same registration: one for your business profile and another for your social profile; In this way they want to give you the opportunity to create, not only personal relationships, but also to expand your social network of work among businesswomen and mothers like you. Very good place to join, very active and growing in a disproportionate way.