The United States is already using Boston Dynamics robot dogs

The United States is already using Boston Dynamics robot dogs

The United States is already using Boston Dynamics robot dogs

Do you remember the robot dogs that we saw a few months ago from the famous Boston Dynamics? Yes, those who could open doors and could twerk, because it seems they have made the leap from YouTube videos to take part in testsby the United States police.

Massachusetts Policeis already testing with Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog.These tests have been carried out in secret and have been discovered thanks to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union in Massachusetts.

These 4-legged robots have not yet been equipped with weapons, but as the documents show, they have been tested at least since April of this year and evenhave participated in“incidents”Police.

The American police are already testing robot dogs“Spot”

In the video owned by TechCrunch we can see, from the minute 10:24, how the robots are being tested by the MSP. April 2019 conference showcases Boston Dynamics CEO MarcRaibert, presenting these demonstrations.The documents are somewhat ambiguous about their use; It is not clear if these robots are being controlled by a human, how much range of autonomous action they have, and we do not know exactly what these documents refer to.“incidents”.

The documents were first revealed by Ally Jarmanning of theBoston WBUR. They include emails and contracts that can shed light on how law enforcement agencies use this type of technology. These machines are described in these documents as a component“invaluable of tactical operations”which greatly help“the state security strategy”.It should be clarified that Boston Dynamics already made the Spot robot available to companies as of last month.

Dynamics is forbidden to the policetake pictures of the robot and post them.Ironically, it was the same Dynamics that published the video of the MSPusing the robot, even showing how it is capable of opening doors,at the aforementioned conference. The company sent a statement to Gizmodo about the use of this robot by the police forces:

“Massachusetts state law enforcement is our only public safety focused relationship to date. We believe that in the next 5 to 10 years, emergency services will respond using Spot to monitor dangerous situations, inspect suspicious packages and detect dangerous gases in situations of emergency.

Using a gil robot like Spot in these situations can remove humans from life-threatening environments and provide emergency services with better situational awareness of a crisis. These are the same capabilities that clients in the oil and gas, electric utilities, nuclear decommissioning and mining industries will use to perform critical safety inspections without exposing people to risk.

We would like to emphasize that our agreement with Spot customers does not allow the use of Spot for any purpose that may harm or intimidate people. “

Spot, the quadruped robot capable of even twerking

This robot became tremendously famous after several of the Boston Dynamics demo videos went viral. In them we can see how the “robot dog” is even capable of opening doors, but not before leaving us a subtle chill on the body. The device is conveniently equipped to perform all kinds of tasks, among which police operations will fit.

Its removable, rechargeable battery lasts for about 90 minutes and is equipped with a 360-degree camera (plus a multitude of huge sensors). It is not an extremely fast robot, but its speed of 5 kilometers per hour does not make it a slow device either. Its carrying capacity is about 14 kilos and among other tasks it is capable of opening doors.

Police robots are not at all new, and in fact there have even been deaths related to them. Society must adapt its laws and social and legal systems to these new technologies, in addition to adopting regulations to avoid problems with these devices at the civil level.

For now, and as already discovered, these robots for now are limited to a few tasks, among which are following the police or opening doors. The following inevitablybe giving them weapons,and that is the moment when society must check whether it accepts these robots among the forces of order.