The use of the iPad in education

There are many documents that begin to analyze the use of tablets in general (mainly Appli’s, the iPad) in educational use. Having a tool of these characteristics in class is, clearly, a way to transmit knowledge and record it in a way. simple, practical and productive way. Show the effect of gravity with interactive animations, learn languages ‚Äč‚Äčwith games, record notes with applications like Evernote, present mathematical demonstrations with one of the many apps in this category … The most complete document I have seen so far the date can be found on scribd.com with the title iPads for Learning Getting Started:In it we can see several recommended apps classified by categories, as well as some tips so that teachers who have this device available, can take advantage of it to make classes more entertaining and practical.Among the many indicated, PuppetPals have caught my attention, to create stories with photos and audio, Quick Graph, to make mathematical graphs, Molecules, to see and interact with three-dimensional models of molecules, Star Walk, an interactive guide to astronomy and history maps, to know in detail many historical maps.