TheLikeStream - share and vote content from other websites

TheLikeStream – share and vote content from other websites

Well, we already have a new toy that allows us to share and like content that we can obtain from any website and even generate the information pages ourselves. This little toy is called TheLikeStream and basically allows us extract the information they contain from different websites and even generate other pages of information through a page generator, which will then be the rest of users who through their votes will give them the popularity that will make up the stream.

Votes are made through the well-known Facebook like button, which accompany each entry, and to participate in this service, it is essential to identify ourselves through our Facebook account.

The extractions of the contents are done either by indicating the URL of the website or through a bookmarklet, and some controversy can be found here, because TheLikeStream What it does is replicate the entire content of these sites on their own pages, so that any user wants to get more information from an entry in the streamwill not take you to the original source but to the page created within TheLikeStream, where all the content will be, although the original source is indicated below and furthermore, below you can leave your comments through a Facebook tool to leave comments on websites.

Gaps? Well, some, such as the absence of a search engine, or a system of organization through categories and / or labels, although other functions are also missed.

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