There are more than 24,000 different devices using android in the world

From opensignal we have just been sent the android fragmentation report of this year, and the result is surprising:

24,093 different devices using android in 2015, much more than the 18,796 we saw in 2014. These numbers have been obtained by analyzing more than half a million devices worldwide, numbers that show that Samsung owns almost 38% of all Android devices on the planet, where there are more than 1,200 different manufacturers.

In the report they comment that this fragmentation is both a strength and a weakness within the android world, since it is still a headache for developers (they have to test applications in various shapes and sizes, with very different levels performance and screen sizes), but it is still a symptom of the conquest of the mobile world by Google.

Samsung has gone from occupying 43% of the android market to only 37.8%, but it is due to the huge new number of manufacturers, not its lack of popularity, something that is undoubtedly good news for users of this operating system.

In the same report they show the main brands, in an interactive graph that also shows the device of each section:

Unfortunately, there is bad news on the issue of operating system version: only 2.6% use the latest version of android, thus being a big problem from the point of view of centralization and security, a problem that affects the world less iOS:

You can see more information about android, including countries in which one or another brand succeeds, within its website, with interactive material, or in PDF, from here.