They add more than half a million historical videos on YouTube

A few months ago we told you that British Path, a documentary producer, had included more than 85,000 videos on YouTube with historical events that occurred from 1896 to 1976. Now comes a new story in this category: The Associated Press and British Movietone are uploading more than 1 million minutes of historical moments from the past 120 years.

From videos related to the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the effects of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 or to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the result of many years of work documenting is shown. The videos show images that help us understand some of the most remarkable moments in recent history, and having them within reach of a click is priceless.

The resources can be obtained at the following links:

British Movietone

With videos related to fashion from the 60s, moments in the world of sports, political history … there are moments of only two minutes, although most are news of more than 20.

AP Archive

The Associated Press channel, with material that covers history from 1895 to 1986.

Both channels are siblings, so you may find duplicate videos.

They comment in The Guardian that, to use the material within their own videos, it is still necessary to have the AP license, although they can be reproduced without problems in any environment (like the rest of YouTube videos).