They create a robot that runs away from children when it senses that it will suffer in their hands

In Japan they are teaching robots to avoid human harassment, and in the video that we leave you below you can see how they are progressing in the project.

In this case it is a robot that circulates through a shopping center in Osaka, presented this week by IEEE. The robot has different sensors, works by watching, and often encounters humans who do more than just be curious: they hit it.

In the video we can see some cases in which one or more children come up to him, catch him and start insulting, kicking, punching or even throwing objects, which is why the researchers had to develop a system that controls the movements of the child. robot to avoid such situations.

The robot tries to predict how the children will act. When one approaches, the likelihood of bullying is determined, which increases when you are following the robot for a long time or when other children are approaching. This probability is constantly displayed, in real time, on a control panel, and when the robot detects that there is a possibility that the attacks will start shortly, it changes direction and starts searching for the closest adults (studies the possibility of be the parent of one of the children) to prevent kicking.

The child detection sensor, which works for humans less than 1.4 meters, is thus integrated with the person responsible for the movement, as well as with the adult detection system, where protection will be sought in case things go wrong. get serious.

It is curious that these limits must be reached to avoid the bullying between humans and robots … it seems that education continues to be the weak point of our race.

We leave you with the video: