Half Life - Android Wear

They get to run Half Life on Android Wear

We have already spoken to you before about different feats in which you can run software on a device not designed for it. For example, last month we told you that they had managed to run Android on a graphing calculator and previously we showed you an iPhone 6 running Windows 98. On this occasion, we were especially struck by the feat carried out by Dave Bennet, who has managed run Half Life on Android Wear.

To achieve this, Bennet has installed SDLash3D on the smartwatch, an app that takes care of emulating the GoldSource graphics engine, used by several of Valve's early games. Despite the fact that, as you can see in the video, Bennet manages to run the first installment of Half Life on his smartwatch, the performance is not what we could expect from a computer. As Bennet himself indicates, it is rather a proof of concept. Thus, During the execution of the game we witnessed some cuts and interruptions, despite the fact that the fluidity of the game is quite acceptable. As for the sound, you get it by using wireless speakers. Obviously, the size of the clock screen does not make the experience too pleasant, so for now we will have to continue playing using the keyboard and mouse.

Still, it is still an interesting feat. Next, we leave you with a video that shows the operation of the game on the clock: