Imagen: Short √Čdition.

They install vending machines in France that print short stories for free

Image: Short dition.

Currently, many of us use our smartphone to distract ourselves while waiting for the subway, in the doctor's office or with a friend. For this reason, in France they have launched an initiative with which they intend to offer an alternative way of spending time in this type of situation: machines vending that dispense free short stories in the form of purchase tickets.

The city where the vending machines we are talking about have begun to be installed is Grenoble, southeast France. Specifically, the machines have been manufactured by the publishing company Short dition, which has placed eight of these machines at key points (city hall, libraries and tourist offices) as part of a pilot program with which to study the acceptance of the idea. This is why Anyone who wants to can come to one of these machines and print a story for free to enjoy a short reading session.. One of the features that has most caught our attention about these machines is the possibility of choosing the time to read the story that we want to receive, being able to choose between one, three or five minutes. We take this opportunity to highlight that the stories have been written by members of the Short dition community.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to foster interest and curiosity in reading, in addition to facilitating the fact of looking away from our smartphones for a short period of time.

Source: Konbini