Seeing AI

This app allows people with visual disabilities to explore photos with the touch

Microsoft has released an interesting update for its Seeing AI app, designed for people with visual disabilities.

In the previous article, we mentioned Google's proposal for those users who are visually impaired, but Microsoft is also a powerful option that uses the potential of artificial intelligence.

This app is focused on the daily situations of a user with vision problems, so that they do not lose details of what happens, affecting their quality of life. Following this line, one of the last functions that they have implemented, allows the user to explore a photograph by touch, and to know what is happening or who is in the image.

The dynamics are simple, just take a photo or select one from the gallery, and start moving your fingers across the screen of the mobile device. As this process is carried out, the app will describe the objects that appear in the photograph, and in some cases, if there is enough context, it may even describe a scene.

The level of detail this feature can add is astonishing. For example, you can mention the emotions that the person in the photograph manifests, describe their physical appearance, mention the place of each object, and even apply facial recognition to identify friends or family.

Undoubtedly, it is a special function since it gives the possibility of enjoying the photographs, either to share a pleasant moment with loved ones to discover new places.

Image credit: Microsoft