This interesting portable projector will allow you to share what you want anywhere

XGIMI CC Aurora it's an interesting portable projector They will allow their users to take it wherever they want to make a projection of anything, of the videos they have on their mobile phones, of content available on streaming platforms, of the videos available on YouTube, or of the images of the past holidays, among many other possibilities, and can even be used only as a speaker for those cases in which you do not want to project any image.

For this, you can connect different devices by cable, either by HDMI or USB, or you can even send the content wirelessly, supporting Miracast, Bluetooth, DLNA technologies, among others. Also supports WiFi connections In order to offer content from online platforms, and in case you do not want to depend on any external device or have a WiFi connection, it also has an internal memory of 16 GB to which you can save different content, such as movies, music, among others. .

Note that this is a device that makes use of the Android operating system, so in addition accepts the installation of applications In it, according to the uses that you want to give them, since it will not only serve to project video on a flat surface, since it is also ideal for presenting projects in meeting rooms, among many other possibilities.

XGIMI CC Aurora wants to be an interesting alternative to other portable projectors on the market thanks to to the maximum number of lems it is capable of offering, up to 1,400, or even the maximum inches of your projections, up to 180 inches. The images offer 720p HD resolutionalthough it is capable of offer compatible content in 3D or even 4K resolution.

In their Kickstarter campaign, creators also emphasize that they offer square pixels to deliver clear and sharp images. The built-in speakers are JBL speakers. His campaign aims to get $ 50,000, although this goal has already been exceeded, with one month left in the campaign, the rewards of which will take place already in January.