Nueva página de descargas de Chrome - OMG!Chrome!

This is how the new Chrome Downloads page looks with Material Design style

A few days ago we talked about a new experimental function, present since Chrome 45 Beta, that changed the way of viewing downloads in Chrome by adding their progress to the notification bar of the operating system, thus facilitating their visibility and control – regardless of the horizontal bar of the bottom of the browser-.

Well, seeing it as an experimental function gave a hope of getting it by default in future versions of Chrome, but everything points to not only that will come but there will be until a renewed download page (available in chrome: // downloads or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J) that with an elegant Material Design style will seek to replace such an old and minimalist section.

New Chrome Download Page – OMG! Chrome!

The assertion starts, again, from an experimental function available on the Dev Channel and Chrome Canary, its change being effective, particularly in Chrome OS. This is attested to by OMG! Chrome! where they show screenshots of the new look; Yes, we have tried to test it in Chrome 45 Beta for Windows and it does not look as good.

Anyway, if you have any of the latest test versions of the browser you can go to chrome: // flags / # enable-md-downloads and click Enable to try activating the new Material Design layout on the download page; Cards for each download, bigger icons, the new notification system with included previews, colors in the background and a new search engine are counted in its details.