This Is My Jam

This Is My Jam will close in September, but will continue to function as a music archive.

A few years ago we told you about This Is My Jam, a website to share our favorite musical themes with friends through social networks. Even though it was an interesting project at the time, the creators of the platform have recently announced the closure of the same.

As they affirm in the statement published on their official blog, This Is My Jam will close next September. Despite this, its creators will not completely shut down. In stead of, the platform will allow listening to the more than 2 million songs shared throughout the four years of the project's life by its more than 200,000 users. In other words, it will not be possible to share more content, but I do know that we can browse the archive on the web without any problem. In addition to this, the creators of This Is My Jam will allow users to export their profiles. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight that much of the code of the web will be shared on GitHub, so that other developers can use it in their own projects. As for the reasons behind the closure of the service, its creators claim that in addition to being interested in undertaking new projects, it was becoming practically impossible to keep up with changes in the services they depend on to function, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter , Facebook, Amazon and others.

Until the month of September, This Is My Jam will continue to function as usual.

Link: This Is My Jam | Source: The Jam Journal.