This is Samsung's flexible battery

InterBattery 2015, an event held in Sel with the batteries as protagonists, three days in which we have seen 140 companies from various parts of the world presenting the results of the research in this sector, and Samsung has really caught the attention with which you see in the image higher.

As reported in the press release, it is a flexible band that can be used as a battery for smartwatches, although it is also possible to use it with other smart garments (even with traditional clothing).

Although it is not yet capable of delivering as much power as a traditional battery, its design, only 0.3mm thick, offers a power density far superior to anything that has been presented so far, promising that it will be common to see it. inside watch straps, or on cell phones, to increase battery capacity by up to 50%.

Samsung SDI, the Samsung company responsible for the development of batteries, has commented that, although it is a product in the testing phase (it is still a prototype), it has already been demonstrated that it is capable of offering energy even after bending 50,000 times, so it looks like it's almost ready to hit the market.

We will surely see it in the next presentations of Samsung wearables. We'll be alert.