This is the largest map of the Universe ever created

When talking about the universe, it is difficult to imagine the existence of a map that concentrates all the vastness that this space represents.

However, a large team of astronomers undertook this project, which they managed to complete after two decades of arduous effort, thus obtaining the most complete map of the universe ever assembled.

More than 12 billion years in the history of the universe were condensed on this map. For its elaboration, the astronomers involved took as a reference the data provided by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), which allowed them to carry out analyzes on more than 4 million galaxies and cusars in order to help resolve the debate about the rapidity of the expansion of the universe.

Canadian University of Waterloo researcher Will Percival named the project The Complete Story of the Expansion of the Universe in an SDSS press release.

According to the data collected from the project, an important part of that story occurred about 6 billion years ago, at which point the map indicates that there was a much more accelerated expansion of the universe.

This fact is explained through the Hubble constant, which has been the subject of controversy among astronomers. This, because the theoretical calculations associated with the value have presented a lack of agreement with the real observations, generating confusion in the experts.

Through this new map, the SDSS team feels they have resolved this conflict by establishing that the universe accelerated at a specific point and did not expand steadily as previously created.

In reference to this conclusion, Oxford University researcher Eva Mara Mueller pointed out Only with maps like ours it can be safely said that there is a mismatch in the Hubble constant

You can find the images and videos of this impressive map at this link.