Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus; Ví­a: All About Samsung

This is what the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks like, a 5.7-inch S6 Edge approx. [Imágenes]

We have spoken repeatedly about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, in fact, even with a thorough analysis in videos we evaluate its most important features (screen, battery, camera, etc.), and it has already been filtered and The existence of the larger brother model for this pair of devices has been confirmed online: Samsung Galaxy Edge + (Plus).

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus; Go: All About Samsung

In the image, one of several shared on the specialized portal All about Samsung originally from germany, a dummy of this new team together with the already present Galaxy Note 4, and its great similarity in screen sizes – although the Note 4 is wider – suggests that the dimensions are inherited: 5.7 inches. Sure, the S6 Edge + will enter to enrich the Galaxy family but specifically to compete with its great rival in phablets: The iPhone 6 Plus; Its technical specifications and its curved screen would set it apart.

There is talk of arriving with an Exynos 7420 SoC as a brain – if not a Snapdragon 808, as discussed in Android Authority-, 32 GB of storage space, front and rear cameras of 5 and 16 MP, respectively, and Android 5.1.1 as the operating system.

Of course, everything will be known at its official launch, which is expected to happen on August 12, the same estimated date for the appearance of the Galaxy Note 5, another giant and striking model of the South Korean company.

More images and information: All about Samsung | Va: The Verge, Android Authority