Three Awesome Ways to Create Videos from Media

Three Awesome Ways to Create Videos from Media

Not all of us have the necessary talent to make good quality videos with our homemade material, so it is important to know applications that can generate, in a semi-automatic way, entertaining, original and attractive videos from the photos that we indicate.

Here I leave you with three options, although there are many more video editors on the list that I published a few months ago.


I have already commented on it several times, being one of the pioneers in this regard and one of the ones that I personally use the most.

We only have to upload our photos and indicate a music so that a video is generated that synchronizes the movement of the images with the rhythm of the indicated sound.

The result can be spectacular.


We can upload our photos, videos and music and mix it in a web editor to generate videos of up to 60 seconds (30 ms than with animoto).

Although not as automatic as Animoto, more personalized results can be obtained.


Recently commented here, it allows us to add multimedia material to reorganize it in the way we consider appropriate. With API and the possibility of generating the result in different formats, Stupeflix allows us to upload groups of images, write texts and associate an mp3 with each group, allowing us to obtain the video generated from a url.