Three options to design our trips

Three options to design our trips

Organizing a long honeymoon trip or explaining its route can be much easier with a map in front of you and the Internet now gives us the tools to create our routes worldwide.

We are going to see three of them, although in the Travel category there are many more that can be adapted to the needs of each one.


As its name suggests, points for travelers, it allows us to mark our international route on a map. As simple as indicating that we want to create a route and requesting the cities and places through which we will pass: from where we started, where and where it continues, until we tell it that we return. With a brief description of the places we will visit, it is a good guide and resource to prepare our getaways.


Something more sophisticated, to start marking your route, it asks you to edit a series of informative data such as a title for your map, give it a description and choose a provider (Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, CloudMade Stamen or Yahoo), although you can also upload your own map from your computer. You can choose templates (indicating for example the default time, Twitter users …), its privacy, keywords. Once we have filled in what interests us, we go on to mark the points of our interest, being able to add shapes, images, music, driving routes, import files and export the final result. An application more than useful and much more than complete.


It is to create routes as well, but intended for athletes; that is, for those who like to run, walk long and hard. When you enter the website, identify where you are from and inform you whether or not there is already a route made in the area. You must register and once your account is activated you can add or simply look at the routes posted by other users, if there is one done and, if not, start yours from scratch. They offer an application as a coach, to get the best out of you and that you have some guidelines to stick to.