Three things that can be done with Blekko and not with Google

Three things that can be done with Blekko and not with Google

After the launch of the Blekko search engine, many are already comparing its possibilities with those offered by Google or Bing. Blekko is an interesting tool, with a long way to go, which has to find a niche in a universe where the promising Cuil, programmed by ex-Google engineers, did not succeed.

Although blekko uses her calls slashtags To refine its results, it is nothing new, Google already does something similar for some time with its operators. The fact is that many of the things that Blekko does can also be done with the great classics, although there are others that we can consider really original.

At techcrunch, where they have interviewed its founder, Rich Skrenta, they make an example list:

– We can search for links to our website ordered by date. Just use a command like / link / date– We can search for sites in the network of Google Ad using identifier adsense. For example: wwwhatsnew / adsense– We can search for information on a topic in a certain period of time within a specific sector. For example, we can read what was commented on Cuil in 2008 within technology blogs using: cuil / dr = 2008 / techblogs

Still, the founder of this new search engine makes it clear that he does not intend to compete with Google or Bing. Using his words:

[…] we will be very happy being number 3

I recommend that you take a look at it, that you discover the possibilities of its slashtags (such as that of / seo, which I show you in the screenshot below) and that you discover who may be a new protagonist in this highly contested sector.