TicTacDo - Social Production Service that helps you do your job better

TicTacDo – Social Production Service that helps you do your job better

Alejandro Sors introduces me to TicTacDo, a Social Production Service that helps us do our daily work better.

Apart from a collaboration platform, they have a Know-how system based on checklists (lists) to be used easily and efficiently.

Whether for daily activities, for fun or at work TicTacDo takes care of the organization allowing you to take control of your actions, connect with others to do things together and much more….

On the main page we can create a TicTacDo and share our knowledge about a certain activity or we can follow a TicTacDo to perform a task. The page is divided into:

– Search engine to find TicTacDos – List of whats happening now that shows the most recent activities – List of the best TicTacDos – List of Categories ordered on multiple general topics

When creating a TicTacDo we can attach images, include the description of activities by steps and categorize it depending on what it is (cars, house, trips, pets, etc …). The dashboard is where knowledge is transformed into accessible, effective, and easy-to-do and easy-to-follow lists that we can share and assign to friends.

We can filter, delete and manage them as best suits, viewing the activities by end date by priority of the activity, etc.

The non-free version also allows the creation of groups, as well as the sending of messages to the collaborators of a certain activity.

An excellent tool to organize our tasks and speed up their completion.