Tildee - create and / or access easy tutorials

Tildee – create and / or access easy tutorials

The online tutorials are a series of guides that on more than one occasion has saved our existence by easily providing us with the information we need for our tasks. Now, we can also contribute to enriching the access to knowledge of any user by creating our own tutorials thanks to Tildee. No need for mandatory registration, We can create any tutorial indicating the title and establishing the necessary information in each step, that your approach will depend on us, where we can include texts, images, maps, and even videos. When we’re done, we’ll add our email address to attribute its author and future edits if necessary. It’s that simple. If we register, we will have a number of advantages, including being able to add tutorials to our favorites or follow the activities of any user we follow. Without a doubt, a good way to contribute to the knowledge, taking into account that it offers us you to share these tutorials, with which our friends can access them via email or through a social platform.