Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google, invest in a new type of shower

The Nebia project was born in Mexico, in its capital, a region with 20 million people who live at high altitudes, who depend on a system designed between the 1940s and 1970s capable of pumping the necessary water, an extremely precious and increasingly expensive.

The idea was to make a shower that optimizes water, that generates small droplets capable of carrying out the same task, saving up to 70% of the amount used in traditional showers, an invention that has been used in Silicon Valley and has attracted attention. both from Apple CEO Tim Cook and from the foundation of Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google.

No details have been given on the amount that has been invested, but they have created a page on KickStarter looking for more money, and offering the system to the general public.

With few hours to live on kickstarter, the requested amount of $ 100,000 has already doubled, and the first offer in which they sell the product for $ 249 has ended (now it sells from $ 269).

His manager, Phillip Winter, conducted an interview on VentureBeat explaining that his goal is much more ambitious than selling a shower, they want to offer a water economy system that reaches everyone, mainly in regions where water is scarce .

You can see videos and images of the device on the Kickstarter page, as well as on